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2 years ago

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Used in the army, and recently received a phone call from an old army buddy, I had found friends together, my wife and I live in Cornwall comes, my friend from Worcestershire and told us he had gone through of adultery, etc. however, if he was OK to visit us, by all means, we wondered, he said, came last week for a few days.. Typical ex-military, we went to alcohol, the memories of old times and had a great laugh.. anyway on the last night we went to the pub with my wife, my friend and if I, and we tiavastube were all a little weird when we got home, music. Dance to have around, dragging my feet unstable woman, opened the whiskey and gave us all drinks. They had their arms around each other, and went behind my wife and pushed me against them... oh, like two told my friend, I never had the pleasure of my wife told me to rub my hands over tiavastube her breasts and started them. His hand went straight to my dick friendsd cupped her tiavastube pussy, I lifted the sweater he wore over his head. Heavy tiavastube caresses her bra fall off.. I pulled the bra, as both were feeling and rubbed against each other.. My wife has the cock of his pants and he had his hand under her skirt.. lets do this right I said, and helped my wife of her skirt, stripped of my friend, sat next to each other, kissing and rubbing her bare fingers as I sat beside my wife and sucked a tit while finger plays with wet pussy friends, who had to masturbate very slowly, she moaned and rose from the sofa back... my friend got between her legs and licked her pussy, boy was overwhelming. My wife opened her pussy lips as she sucked and shot his tongue in and out of his hole,... She moaned, located oh shit me and my partner in this same between her thighs. stroking his cock in her pussy hole.. Gradually workesd right on the tail and gradually began to fuck her.. theymoaned and gasped.. lift your legs to capture their ass cheeks. grinding of hard, was initiated by the cock, he fucks her faster and the sound of her wet pussy was another thing that was in her pussy was a real hard fucking love it, I remember him saying he wanted tiavastube to get it... he was on tiavastube the floor on your back and got him and impales herself on his cock.. that can go up to the hilt, then she started walking on it, squatting on their haunches. cock and taking it.... her breasts with her nipples nice big juicy hit back and prefaces.. She said she wanted to fuck up his courage he wanted, I took the cock in her mouth and sucked and fucked until they cum then. She just started ground deeply on his cock, and came and came again... We have a couch to sit there and tiavastube took it in turn to fuck tiavastube her, emptied his semen first legs shook, when he fired his the cream on it, as he pulled his cock that filled me with his sperm that she.. and fed with her pussy my dick i still open it. and took it hard.. blows, until my semen... Needless to say, my friend asked him to stay one more night.. But that's another story
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